Teens and Car Insurance: Who Should Pay?

Tips to help you determine if your teen should help pay car insurance.

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When a teenager is old enough to take on the responsibility of driving a vehicle, they are old enough to take on the responsibilty of the upkeep and maintenance of the car.

How Much Should They Pay?

If the teen is working, they should definitely share in the monetary part of the vehicle maintenance. This should not only be just paying the car insurance, but should include the inspection, tags and other costs. How much the teen should contribute will depend on whether or not they are still in school and if they are working.

Responsible Teens

Parents will certainly want to help the teen if he/she has shown that they are responsible people. An irresponsible teen with a fully paid vehicle and car insurance, is total disaster. They don’t learn anything from being taken care of by doting parents. Even if the teen can only pay a few dollars a month, they should be taught early what being a responsible vehicle owner and driver is.

Increased Rates for Teens

The premium for a teen on a car insurance policy is usually quite a bit higher than the regular premiums.
Car insurance rates are usually higher up to the age of twenty five years old. After that car insurance premiums for adults are lower, provided they have maintained a good driving record. If teens maintain a good driving record by obeying the laws, it goes a long way in having lower insurance premiums.

Repercussions Fall on Parents

Teens and their car insurance are usually added onto the parents policy, at least for the first few years. If the teen is an irresponsible driver the repercussions will fall back on the parents. Their premiums may increase and cause financial difficulties.

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