Can An Auto Insurance Company Refuse To Insure Me?

Auto insurance is a requirement before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The price for driving without it will often cost you much more than would monthly insurance payments. With a growing mandatory pool of customers insurance companies are currently offering vast discounts in order to compete for those buyers. Despite this competition for customers there are several reasons why you may find insurance companies refusing to insure you. By being aware of these simple tips you can assure that auto insurance companies will not deny you auto coverage.

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Violation Of The Terms Of Policy
When you sign an insurance contract it is just that, a contract. As with all contracts if one party were to breach it by violating one or more of the agreed upon terms then the contract may be terminated. Violations may occur from the very point you begin to fill out an insurance application. At this point failure to disclose all the information that is requested from you can be deemed a breach of contract resulting in the insurance company refusing to insure you. Examples of failure to disclose information include: Not stating that the vehicle is used for work purposes, incomplete statement on your accident history, and not being forthcoming on any medical issues you may have which may impair your ability to drive.

Your Driving Record

Your past and current driving history can act as an impediment to obtaining automobile insurance. Not only can numerous traffic violations raise your auto insurance premiums but they may also cause auto insurance companies to refuse to insure you. In order to avoid being refused insurance coverage you must be aware of the dangers of incurring tickets and avoid driving behaviors that may lead to them. Some examples of things to avoid on your driving history include: having a drivers license revoked or suspended, drunk driving charges, and accidents (numerous accidents even if not your fault can be used to deny coverage).

By keeping these simple tips in mind you can assure that auto insurance companies will not refuse to insure you.

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